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Eriospermum paradoxum
An interesting species with leaves that are extremely dissected and fuzzy. It is a winter growing species.


Othonna filicaulis
This rare member of the Asteraceae family, geophyte with a rotund underground caudex, very rarely found with purple flowers.

Welcome to African Succulents®...
Specializing in the most beautiful african succulents plants

African Succulents is a small mail order only nursery specialing in succulents of the world.
Mail orders to the European Community.Other countries on request are welcome.
For non EC-countries the charge for phytosanitary certificate is 30€.
On these pages you will find price list. Sorts without price are unavailable at this moment. Sorry!.
Orders can only be done by e-mail . On receipt of your order we will email you regarding stock availability. Some of the rarer species are limited in number.
Plants will only be sent on risk of consignee. African Succulents won't take responsibility for any problems hich may occur after we have sent your consignment and Postal Tracking Number is provided to you. If some plants are dead or damaged due to a delay in transport then the claim must be made to the post. In this case we will make the claim and it will be a pleasure to help you. Minimum order is 90 €.
For Packing and Post (PRIORITY MAIL) all countries. we will charge you: (EU countries VAT is included).

  • 25 % of value of plants if the order is higher than 250 €.
  • 30 % of value of plants if the order is 100-250€
  • 35 % of value of plants if the order is less than 100 €

Plants will be sent upon receipt of payment. We accept:

  • Bank transfer (please by email ask our account)

  • Credit cards VISA or MASTERCARD throught Paypal although you do not have a Paypal account


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othonna retrofracta
Tylecodon halli
Tylecodon reticulatus
Tylecodon sp nova
calibanus hookeri
Sarcocaulon multifidum
Othonna arbuscula
othonna litoralis
Othonna furcata
othonna macrophylla
anacampseros alstonii
othonna euphorbioides
tylecodon pearsonii
pelargonium crassicaule